Christian Gourcuff


1972-1974 : Stade Rennais
1974-1978 : US Berné
1978-1980 : En avant de Guingamp
1980-1981 : FC Rouen
1981-1982 : FC La Chaux-de-Fonds
1982-1986 : FC Lorient
1986-1989 : Le Mans UC
1989 : Supra Montréal (Canada)
1989-1991 : US Pont-L'Abbé

1982-1986 : FC Lorient
1986-1989 : Le Mans UC
1989-1991 : US Pont-L'Abbé
1991-2001 : FC Lorient
2001-2002 : Stade rennais
2002-2003 : Al Gharrafa Doha (Qatar)
2003-2014 : FC Lorient
2014-2016 : Sélectionneur national d'Algérie
2016-2017 : Stade Rennais
2018-2019 : Al-Gharafa SC (Qatar)
since 2019 : FC Nantes

Prize list

1973: Winner of the Coupe Gambardella
1983: Champion of Division of Honor (West Group, player-coach)
1984: Vice-champion of Division 4 (winner Group D, player-coach)
1985: Champion of Division 3 (West group, player-coach)
1988: 1 Team selection Bretagne (Brittany USA, 30 December at Brest)

1983: Champion of Division of Honor (West Group, player-coach)
1984: Vice-champion of Division 4 (winner Group, D player-coach)
1985 and 1992: Champion of Division 3 (West group, player-coach)
1995: National Champion 1
1998 to 2001: Vice-champion of Division 2
1985, 1997 and 2005 Coach of the Year Division 2
2003: Vice-champion of Qatar Cup Finalist Crown Prince of Qatar

Christian GOURCUFF,
Born 05.04.1955 in Hanvec (Finistère) Nationality: French, coach of the Lorient Football Club playing in the french Ligue 1 (see his biography on Wikipedia ©).

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Our long range association with Christian GOURCUFF allowed us to offer an appropriate educational and coaching tool fully adapted to the world of team sports: IN-TACTIC.
The following interview summarizes how and why Christian Gourcuff decided to advice us..

Collaboration among Christian GOURCUFF and IN-TACTIC
Christian GOURCUFF, how did your collaboration with team IN-TACTIC as a technical advisor started ?

Since I started coaching, I always attached great importance to the rigorous application of the tactics set against an opponent and to the respect of my instructions regarding the players placement according to the chosen game tactic .I quickly sought to develop a powerful and flexible computing tool to help me reach that objective. Working with Team , I specified my precise requirements concerning a software allowing me to present visually and very instructively the choose, tactical options and positions to my players.
I also need a tool that facilitates communication between players and me, which has to be explicit and of course easy to use. The results obtained with IN-TACTIC meets my expectations, I use it daily for my training sessions and of course for my pre-match briefings.
Imagine the power of such a tool to communicate my key technical and tactical informations to teams of young people. The blackboard is outdated !

Imagine the power of such a tool to communicate your key technical and tactical informations to teams of youngs.

IN-TACTIC Strengths
If you had to explain in a few words the strong points of IN-TACTIC ?

Undoubtedly the releasing of a video tool mixed with tactical recommendation of the good old blackboard! Simply imagine that,with IN-TACTIC, you are presenting to the team the chosen tactical against your opponent, you show on the screen where you want the players to position themselves. but first of all,the key point of IN-TACTIC is to allow the coach to use the past games recordings and compare it with the asked tactic, in order for the players to see easily the recommendations of the coach. It is a very visual tool, acclaimed by the players, we are able to face lively the tactic and the real performance. I also have, thanks to IN-TACTIC,my own library of training sessions that I have built up over the years and that I constantly try to make evolve.

A great point to remember: The comparison, with IN-TACTIC, of the in-game reality with the theoretical tactics is like the association of the video tool and the blackboard.

The blackboard is over !

Christian GOURCUFF and daily IN-TACTIC
How do you daily use IN-TACTIC ?

On training days, I prepare sessions precisely with IN-TACTIC.I print sheets of the required situations and share them with my staff. This helps us to follow the collective progression, thus we have the ability to adapt the situations to specific issues. I also use for pre-match briefings. The key point is the video, I select the most explicit sequences showing the message I want to share to the team.

With IN-TACTIC, I demonstrate the required tactic on the same screen than the video. My players are able to see lively my will, facing their realizations. It is a powerful tool to me but also for them. I would describe IN-TACTIC as facilitating communication tool for all kind of demonstrations regarding strategy and tactic schemes.

Thanks to IN-TACTIC, say welcome to the digital revolution of the locker room.