OS - Operating System Requirements
• Windows XP SP3, Windows Seven, Windows 8, Windows 10, DirectX 10, Intel-compatible 32 or 64 bits
• Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, QuickTime, Intel-compatible 64-bit
• Linux Fedora 14 or higher , Debian, equipped Qt4.7 or higher, OpenSSL 1.0, Phonon, Phonon-backend-gstreamer, gstreamer-ffmpeg, Intel-compatible 32 or 64 bits

- New : Video export is now available in different quality
- New : It is now possible to select several key moments in time lines
- New : The selected key moments in time lines can be Removed
- New : The selected key moments in time lines can be Cut or Copied and Pasted
- New : Preview of sports field in the preferences before their application in simulation
- New : Added ice rink in sports fields
- New : Preferences can set the relative positioning of Copied and Pasted objects
- New : The viewer can now manage the registration and activation of the software
- Removal of systematic save dialog at simulations closure
- Fixed the display of certain preference settings
- Fixed the display of the Sound object in Mac OS X
- Fixed random cursor jumps to the time line in Mac OS X
- Fixed a display issue of the timeline on Mac OS X
- Fixed the default name of image capture files
- Fixed the size of volleyball field

- New : Adding new palette objects
- New : Added new buttons to move the cursor in the timelines
- New : Adding a zoom function to the timeline
- New : Added a settings option to automatically optimize simulations timelines
- New : Added the ability to turn back the sport field
- New : Open file Windows can open In-Tactic and XSimul files at the same time
- New : Support Shift-key holding with polygon and polyline tools
- Fix selection tool issues
- Fixed an issue preventing some simulations to open correctly when locale settings differ from the original system locale simulation came from
- Fixed problem of instability of the Visibility property when using Undo / Redo commands
- Fixed a layout problem when copy-paste in Rich Text Report fields
- Fixed an issue causing involuntary move of key moments in timelines
- Fixed an issue preventing security key entry under Mac OS X 10.8 and higher
- Fixed a problem when opening XSimul simulations
- Fixed a problem when opening old In-Tactic simulations
- Fixed an issue on Mac OS X that could display videos abnormally high
- Fixed problem that cause slow opening of some simulations
- Fixed a problem with the saving mechhanisme of simulations that abnormally increased the size of backups
- Fixed display unexpected objects invisible when the full screen mode is active

- New : Automatic edit mode (which automatically selects between Global and Local modes)
- New : Model object
- New : Increase maximum simulations duration up to 60 minutes
- Better video framing export through 2D point of view
- Settings: show "browse" button to set default directory, language selection for Windows and Mac OS X
- Fixed Rugby, Handball and Volleyball sport fields
- XSimul Import: support Futsal, Volleyball and Rugby sport fields
- Fixed file name selection when exporting video or screenshots
- Setting objects animation start when created after initial time
- Global edition mode : some operations no longer create unnecessary key moments
- Static property support for 2D point of view object
- Text fields animation optimization
- Auto zoom framed
- Report layout correction
- Fixed animation instability when object static property changes from true to false
- Fixed an inaccuracy in visibility property animation
- Under certain circumstances the playback of a simulation could overflow the final animation time
- Fixed an issue that could prevent ellipses objects creation under Mac OS X

- New : Saving the state of the button "2D views" in the viewer
- New : New sport fields (Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Volleyball, ...)
- New : Added new ball
- New : See the text items are created with the default static property to true
- New : New Styles teams by default
- New : Editing names of the players is possible directly in the palette team
- New : Improved mini text editor objects (support of scroll and zoom the view)
- New : Activation of pausing the playback by pressing "Space" in the editor
- New : 100% compatible with files created with the software XSIMUL
- New : Redesigned functionality report
- New : Tattoo computer simulations
- New : Annotation Tool for the viewer (pencil and eraser)
- New : Import by team .csv file (eg from a spreadsheet)
- New : Selection frame for objects invisible or semi-opaque
- New : New property to display the mirror images
- New : New property for managing the appearance of 2D views
- New : Pause key moments in playing
- New : Rotate players and display of arms
- New : Choice of form players (round, square or triangle)
- New : Tools for automatic horizontal or vertical alignment
- New : Tool to edit the play area for adding text object or image

- New : Opening of pictures and videos editor during importation
- New : Report style 1, 2, 3 or 6 frames per pages
- New : Freehand line tool
- New : Edit the bottom of the simulation
- New : Protection simulations by password
- New : Snap to Grid
- New : Function to frame the view
- New : Setting the language of the software
- New : Setting the default backup folder
- New : Added new edit mode "local" in addition to "global" (on by default before)
- Improved: cosmetic fixes to the interface (icons and pictures)

- Improved editing of the animation of the key points
- Sliding latch import video in Windows Vista
- Enable Windows XP or Vista
- The general timeline is removed from the viewer when switching to window mode
- Display the final time at the end of playing a simulation
- Ability to delete all the teams from simulation
- Modifying the Linux setup

- Fixed cosmetic interface (language)
- Fixed incorrect number of teams during the import file format. XSSI
- New : It is now possible to move the key moments
- Fixed a display instability in the judgment of the displacement reading by the time slider
- Storing the position of the main window
- When playing with embedded video, the judgment of the reading back to the beginning or end of the simulation is out of sync as the video
- Export image leaves no trace shows the objects normally invisible
- Consideration of commands before reading or reading back when playback is already underway
- Increased accuracy of the simulation up to 100ms.
- The "Delete key" not working now works in certain circumstances
- Export video leaves no trace shows the objects normally invisible
- Export Video also works if the target file path contains spaces

- New : Added functionality to export video format: wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, mp4, flv (flash), mov, m1v, mts, asf, vob, rm
- Fixed detection feature updates
- Fixed cosmetic display in the timeline

- Fixed cosmetic interface (images, icons and translations)

- Initial version of the software IN-TACTIC

Special note for LINUX operating systems:
If you have problems to run the software IN-TACTIC after installing Linux is that you may be missing one of the following software packages: "qt4", "openssl (> = 1.0.0) "phonon-backend-gstreamer" and "gstreamer-ffmpeg" (or gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg).
If you are having trouble playing certain video formats on Linux, make sure you have the appropriate plugins gstreamer: gstreamer-plugins-* or * gstreamer0.10-plugins-*
Package names proposed above may vary depending on the Linux distribution you use.