In-Tactic Reader Mac OS X et macOS (Catalina)

In-Tactic Reader Mac OS X et macOS (Catalina)

Installation by drag and drop,
Watch your exercises easily with
IN-TACTIC READER, version for Mac OS X version. (No subscription)

What is IN-TACTIC READER ? : This software allows you to view animations to prepare your training and your matches. With this software you can view animations produced with In-Tactic PRO or CREATOR and Training pack animations ( sold separately )

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* NB: IN-TACTIC software is not optimized for macOS Catalina, some inconvenience may appear. We recommend using the macOS Mojave version.

What is IN-TACTIC READER ? : A Software that render animations to plan your training and matches. With this software you can view animations produced with In-Tactic PRO or CREATOR and Training pack animations ( sold separately )


Who Should Use In-Tactic READER? : Coaches / educators, football clubs, players or just fans of football and tactics. Whether you want to improve or distribute your knowledge, In-Tactic READER Mac OS X is the simplest and easier way. Mac OS X only version


General Informations and RequirementsDownload software directly from your customer’s account and installation by drag and drop.
Single-user license system: one license for one computer; online activation when the software is opened; easy computer change
Immediate use
No internet connection required after software install.
Software updates: Automatic updates detection, download from your account.
Software help: Tutorials, examples of simulations
Mac OS X an macOS
Apple Mac OS X from Snow Leopard 10.6 to macOS Catalina 10.15, QuickTime, Intel compatible 64 bits. Mac OS X 10.8 users, the GateKeeper functionality (Apple) disrupts the installion and the protection fonctionality for our software. Click here for more informations.
End User Licence Agreement
Reader featureIn-Tactic Reader independant from In-Tactic Creator
Timeline simplified
Automatic opening of presentation files
Openning of protected presentations. Required for training packs
Highlight tool and eraser
Automatic 2D point of view camera
 Creator Trial
SpecificationsDrawing tools
Straight or broken lines, arrows, rectangles, ellipses, polygons, text, pencil, Bézier curve
Drawing settings (thickness, color, style, fill, line ends)
Dynamics shapes and paths
Command bar
New simulation
Edit feature: Copy / Paste, Undo / Redo
Open / Import an existing simulation / Import media file
Zoom, automatic zoom, full screen view
Report data embedded in simulation
Global vs Local time edition mode
Enable / Disable 2D point of view camera
Show / Hide paths
Background edition
Import, csv import, create, delete a team
Add, delete a player
Team settings (name, number of players, players shape, color, style, background, « local or visitor »)
Players name edition
Objects properties
Direct properties editing
Coordinates (x,y) / visibility
Bounding rectangle
Rotation / Scale
Animation timeline Visibility
Object hold Opacity (transparency)
Mirror picture
2D point of view camera aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, ...)
Management of borders, colors and shapes and players (name, number, arms position)
Balls / Pads and bounds / Goals / Wall of players / Hedge / Slats / Stakes ...
TimelineAdvanced tool for each object's timeline edition
Progress cursor
Key moment exition
Timeline zoom
Play forward / play backward / pause / step by step (keyboard shortcut and graphic buttons)
Time display
Scheduled intermediate pauses and report snapshots
Video featuresVideos insert
Integration with other objects in the simulation (overlay, comments)
Synchronizing with other animations
Video start / stop
Rotation / Scale
Management of the animation space
Visibility of the video
(X, Y) coordinates of the video
Hold of the video Opacity (transparency)

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