A week with - Jupp Heynckes

A week with - Jupp Heynckes

A week with - Jupp Heynckes - Daniel Jeandupeux.


Plannings of 2, 3, 4 or even 5 training sessions per week. 10 sessions, 21 animated technical exercises, tactics and physique including warmups.

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Daniel Jeandupeux

Daniel Jeandupeux

10 meetings of one week in 1998, with 10 coaches of a high level. Since, Menotti, Zagallo and Biliardo continue to make their mark in the world of football. Zaccheroni trained AC Mila, Inter Milan and Juventus Turin. Lippi became world champion with Italy. Parreira coached South Africa in 2010. In 2011, Trappatoni took care of the national selection of the Irish team at the age of 72 and Heynckes led Bayern Munich. Wenger accomplished his 15th season at the head of Arsenal and Gourcuff 
continued to make Lorient a real team in Ligue 1. The men got older and their methods did also. But their personality and their vision of football came through the decades without losing their wrinkles. It's with this discovery that I bring to you <<A 
week with>> Daniel Jeandupeux, December 2011. 

Daniel Jeandupeux, International footballer, coach, manager, instructor, general manager, sporting director, advisor to the president, TV consultant, sportscaster wrote 'Foot, ma vie' (football, my life), in 1975 and 'Les sorciers du foot' (the wizards of football) in 1997.

Jupp Heynckes, ses phrases, ses idées.

Jupp Heynckes, ses phrases, ses idées.

Following a defeat, Heynckes is susceptible to giving 2 training sessions per day when training has re-commenced. On the contrary, after a glorious victory, he could offer a day of rest to his first-team members. Heynckes has a habit of preparing for his training sessions voluntarily ahead of important matches. He lets his first-team players the possibility of coming or not to the ciudad Deportivo to participate in the last training session. The first training session of internationals upon return from selection is always very light, to allow for a good recovery.  A few players, on top of their daily programme, also have a plan for individual preperation. Redondo, for example, received a planning for body building to prevent muscular injuries. The substitues play against teams in the city to maintain their form. Heynckes doesn't want them to lose their rhythm of competition. These bits also serve to bring back convalescent players back into the swing of things. Before any matches, Jupp Heynckes watches several tapes of his direct adversary. JH << I am proud of the togetherness and atmosphere that reigns in the dressing room. The friendships created between the players and the medical staff enchant me. We are a mozaique of which each one of us is a piece.>>

<<We want to offer a football-show.>>

<<The big teams are born from their different manner of playing and I think we play a different type of football.>>

<<We prepare a lot of different things, I like to give a lot of freedom to the player so they can totally express themselves on the pitch. With me, the player should react intuitively. Their exists a good symbiosis between my players and my requirements.>>

<<The strength of our team comes from the quality of players and the pattern of game which we utilise. A team like Real Madrid should have more offensive players on the pitch. We have the ball more than the adversary. That's why we need to risk a little more. That's why we sometimes seem a bit fragile in defence.>>


10 training sessions.

21 animated exercise techniques, tactical and physical including

Tactique défensiveTactique offensiveTech. déf.Tech. off.Préparation Physique
Posit.Oppo.Récup.Maîtr. Coll.Progr.Finit.Échauf.VitesseEndu. capa.Endu. puiss.Puiss. lact.
A13x3'   *   * *  *
26'   *   * *  *
36'   *   * *  *
44'   *   * *  *
56'   *   * *  *
B110'           **
D263'         * **
3          * **
4          * **
5          * **
6          * **
7             *
E115'      *   *  
F150'********  ***
G15'           **
220'  **  **   **
I115'           **
210'         * **
310'         * **
45'           **
J120'  **  **   **
journee_j1_exercice_a03 journee_j3_exercice_e01 journee_j4_exercice_f01


This training pack is designed to adapt and evolve in function of your
coaches requirements :

    • Sessions that adapt to the frequency of your workouts
    • Schedules of 2, 3, 4 and even 5 workouts a week
    • Personalise the content of training sessions éditer
    • Personalise the animated exercises In-Tactic Pro


In order to fully utilise this training pack, you must first acquire the In-Tactic Pro, In-Tactic Box or In-Tactic FirstStep version 2.0 or higher.
You must equally have one of the following browsers :

    • FireFox 6
    • Internet Explorer 9
    • Safari 3
    • Google Chrome

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