Adapted physical preparation Vol.2 - English Version

Adapted physical preparation Vol.2 - English Version

Adapted physical preparation vol. 2 - Rabah BenLarbi.

An annualised planning.  3 programmes to adapt to your needs. 14 sessions, 20 animated exercises. Endurance-capacity, power, strength-speed, speed-alertness.

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Rabah Benlarbi

Rabah BenLarbi

After having frequented renowned coaches (Phillippe Troussier, Marcello Lippi, Alain Polaniak and Alain Michel), he has worked 6 years in the united arab emirates, Al Ahli Dubai and the federation won passage to a league title and Emirates cup, participation in the world cup of clubs in 2009, champions of Asia with the U19's and quarter finalist of the world cup of clubs with the U20's before selecting his next challenge in China.

La Préparation Physique Integrée

The adapted physical preperation vol. 2

The adapted physical preparation is designated to improve the efficiency of football players and should be effective with regards physique, morale and the health of the individual. Remember that before all programming and planification of working the physical condition, it should be practised with a complete medical examination, the pathologies and the risks being the same in professional and amateur football. Since many years, the physical preparation has taken a growing part in its training sessions and within the amateur circle it is not rare within amateur clubs of a high level (National, CFA, CFA2). A preparation worthy of professional clubs. Between staff members today, we speak constantly of programming, planification, regeneration, work-load of training and specific strength (muscle-development exercises). Close to the Italian method and a follower of the conclusions of Gilles Comettit, french researcher whom passed through Juventus and Inter Milan, my method is based on the research of QUALITY and not one of QUANTITY.


An annualised planning divised in 2 Macrocycles.

3 programmes of your Mesocycles adapted to your needs :

    • 1 training session per week
    • 2 training sessions per week
    • 3 training sessions per week

14 sessions of adapted physical preparation.

20 Exercises of animated adapted physical preparation :

    • 5 exercises of endurance-capacity
    • 5 exercises of power
    • 5 exercises in strength-speed
    • 5 exercises in speed-alertness
puissance_02 puissance_05 Video-force_vitesse_05


This training pack is conceived to adapt and evolve with the coaches requirements:

    • Sessions which can adapt to the frequency of your training.
    • Planning of 1, 2 and even 3 sessions of integrated physical preperation per week.
    • Personalise the content of workoutséditer
    • Personalise your animated exercises In-Tactic Pro


In order to fully utilise the training pack, you must have the IN-Tactic software version 2.0 or higher.

You must equally have one of the following browsers.

    • FireFox 6
    • Internet Explorer 9
    • Safari 3
    • Google Chrome

Optionally, in order to personalise the content of sessions, you will require something to treat text that is compatible with the standard Open Document Format (ODF), such as and the seagull logo are registered trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.

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