The game of position (positional attacking)

A tactical approach of training.

The performance in football is determined by the efficiency ofresponses to tactical/technical moves in conjunction with adaptation towards time constraints. In effect, the higher the level of the game, less there is time and space to play.

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Erick Mombaerts

Erick Mombaerts

Born the 21st of April, 1955 at Chantecoq. Erick Mombaerts is an old french footballer who became coach. He was first a regional technical consultant in Auvergne (1984-1986), before being integrated into the PSG training centre and training the reserves (1986-1989). He then became coach coach at en-avant Guingamp (1989-1990) followed by director of the training centre of  for preformation of Castelmaurou (1994-1999). From 1999 to 2006 he was at Toulouse, first at the training centre before taking control of the first team in 2001. He is the coach that allowed Toulouse FC to climb back to League 1 (Ligue 1). In 2007-2008, Erick Mombaerts took the reins for national selection for the U18's, before taking charge of the French youth team from the 1st of August 2008. In 2012 be became the new coach for the HAC just before the winter break  of League 2.

Erick Mombaerts


Performance in football is determined by the efficiency of responses to tactico- technical techniques and adaptation towards time constraints. In effect, the higher the level of the game, less there is time and space to play. We go from a game of reaction towards a game of anticipation. In the context of high-level competition, the performance mainly depends on the entitlement to choose with strong time constraints but also emotional ones providing a spontaneous but appropriated one (making of a tactico-technical decision) in conjunction with the reading of the phases and configurations of evolving games. These in-game action are always specified by a tactical context, particularly coming from four movements of the game: In positional attacking (game of position), in transition from offence to defence (game with loss of the ball), replacement defence (game of recovery), in transition from defence to offence (game of ball recovery). These four moments of the the game can happen in very quick succession in football all along the parts of the game which can be more or less long in terms of duration.


Traditionally the offensive game is take on following the recovery of the ball. This certainly shouldn't be excluded but the evolution of the modern game is to approach the offensive game by mastering the game of position (Barcelona, Spain, Bayern...).

The game of position is caracterised by a positional attack while in posession of the ball which opposes a repositioned defence more or less active. In training this consists of continuously organising the circulation of the ball and the movement of players (game in motion) across the three phases of the game more or less distinct: the phase of conservation-progression, the phase of destabilisation and the finishing phase.

All these phases aim towards the goal of penetrating, shifting and outflanking the adversary defence but also to create first of all excessive numbers (space-head start time) before defensive repositioning.

The efficiency of the game of position passes through the development of a communal reading between partners and posession of the ball (creation of certainty, timing), an adaptation with regards to progressive strength and the taking of correct initiatives.



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