Football School U6-U7 Cycle 2 - English version

Football School U6-U7 Cycle 2 - English version

School of football - category U6/U7 - Cycle 2

An annualised planning. 5 cycles, 9 sessions per cycle, entirely animated. Find the complete planning of 9 sessions of the 2nd cycle within these packs, 45 animated exercises which conform to the rules of 2013, educational advice, the records of sessions and exercise.

Requires In-Tactic Reader ou Creator

and installation of the In-Tactic pack.

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AEF 35


The AEF35, strong of more than 400 educators, is situated amongst the most important and most active in France. Attached to values  advocated by its founding members, it wishes to transmit and force to admit the social value of education of football without compromising its development or the passion it provokes.
Association of 'service of football' and its educators. The AEF35 has worked for several years on the diffusion under a paper format at the heart of all district clubs, whatever their level, the training sessions suitable to the youngest.
The animation of sessions with the IN-TACTIC tool and their actualisation to new directives 2013, allows us today to propose this to all francophone countries hundreds of pertinent exercises, adapted to children and validated on the pitch. In one word: some EXPERIENCE on a new and animated digital technology media.

Stage de reprise d'avant saison

School of football

The office of AEF35 presents a complete and planified training sessions of the school of football for the categories of U6 to U13's. This planification is written in a logic geared towards progression and a learning process, so much as weekly or on the cycles of the years.
The sessions of AEF 35 propose training adapted to the capacities of the children given their age, of which the aspect of fun is essential (because a child is not an adult!).
A child will start his practice of football by games of awareness and pre-game to progressively arrive at the putting in place of elaborated tactics, which will prefigure the the game of adults. The bigger ones will work with different phases of the game with more precision and notably the offensive aspects of it.
In 8 years, the child will acquire the complete technical array of a footballer, the categories U11 to U13's being the ages for improvement and perfection.


Category U6/U7 - Cycle 2 - 9 sessions of the school of football.

The succession of the cycles of the category of U6/U7's follows a logic of the learning
process so it is advised to realise them in the proposed order. Each one of the cycles 
proposes a thematic technique adapted to the capacity of  emerging young players.

    • Cycle 1 : Ball management,
    • Cycle 2 : Passing,
    • Cycle 3 : Dribbling,
    • Cycle 4 : control,
    • Cycle 5 : Progressive review of the 4 themes of the year.

The sessions of the category U6/U7's lasts approximately 1h15. They are composed of 4 thematic exercises* and end with a fifth exercise of opposition.*

The exercises that constitute the sessions of this pack are proposed in the following thematic constant: :

    • Motricity,
    • Pre-game,
    • Technical awareness,
    • Technical game,
    • The opposition.


45 animated exercises :

    • 9 exercises in motricity,
    • 9 exercises in pre-game,
    • 9 exercises in technical awareness,
    • 9 exercices in technical game,
    • 9 exercises of opposition.
Video-u6-u7_c2s1e2 Video-u6-u7_c2s1e4 Video-u6-u7_c2s6e3


This training pack is designed to adapt and evolve in tandem with
 your coaches requirements :

    • Sessions adapted to the rhythm of school holidays.
    • Personalise the content of training sessions éditer
    • Personalise the animated exercises In-Tactic Pro


In order to fully utilise this training pack, you must first acquire the In-Tactic Pro, In-Tactic Box or In-Tactic FirstStep version 2.0 or higher.
You must equally have one of the following browsers :

    • FireFox 6
    • Internet Explorer 9
    • Safari 3
    • Google Chrome

Optionally,  in order to personalise the content for sessions, you must have something capable of treating  text documents in a .doc format, for example MS word or openoffice. and the seagull logo are registered trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation.

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